Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Rock Church 2005 Holy Ghost Revival with Cody Marks (click here)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Rock Church 2005 Holy Ghost Revival with Cody Marks
Rock Church, Elk Grove Sacramento, CA

The Rock Church 2005 Holy Ghost Revival with Cody Marks, Rock Church, Elk Grove Sacramento, CA
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Evangelist Mark Morgan

Evangelist Mark Morgan THE ROCK CHURCH, Elk Grove, Sacramento, CA

Friday, February 04, 2005

WOW! time to sssllllooooww down! :)

Okay I know I haven't updated my profile in a long time but life has been soo busy! I leave for work around 7:30 am and work until around 2pm. I leave work and head for school and I am there until 9pm sometimes 10pm! Trying to do homework and find the time to sleep has been a challenge! Its fun at times though!

Just a little encouragement!

Last weekend I borrowed my dad's truck. I was meeting a friend of mine at 24 hr fitness. When I got in the truck the radio was on and there was a program on called "Life on the edge Live", a program I hate to listen to because when someone has a problem the host pats them on the hand and tells them almost exactly what they want to hear, " I know life is hard, just live for God as best as you can! " Well anyways, that just gets on my nerves! But there was a woman on and one of her comments stood out to me! The talk of the night was "Purity and Relationships" she didn't patty cake around, she told them exactly what they didn't want to hear, "Live for GOD STRONG! Don't be a wimp, fight back and WIN!" It made me think! Here I was about to go and work out and God began talking to me! For one, I hardly ever listen to this program let alone call in, but I felt God had something to say so I dialed the #. The program was almost over, but the woman on the other end let me give my comment! The words that came were as follow:

"I have always believed that we as humans are vessels that the Potter (Jesus) is molding and making. There are times when we give under the pressure, but the potter gently, yet forcefully begins the molding process again. It is a proven fact that if you and the Potter become close friends that he will let you chose one of his vessels as a gift. But, if you will let Him chose he will pull out a key and reveal a hidden cabinet full of his Favorite and Most Precious vessels. Vessels he has hand chosen and formed, many hours have been set aside preparing these precious pieces. He knows where you are weak and where you are strong. He will chose the perfect vessel that will compliment you, where you are weak that vessel will be strong, where that vessel is weak you will be strong. But the key is, You MUST let the potter chose! You can not choose HIS perfect will for you. You must refuse to chose!"

The words came so strongly and wonderfully! Continue to let Him mold you and use you! He is preparing something and someone for you so special, but even when you crumble, just let yourself be re-moldable!
I love you all and miss you dearly! I pray everyone who reads this will be encouraged and strengthened! You are special and much loved! I need you!
Have a wonderful day and Don't forget to SMILE!

~Angelica Rose