Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sleeping Baby of Beauty

In Loving Memory of Chloe Bella Lombardo
February 4, 2003 - December 29, 2005

To my Baby Cousin, whom I never met, but Love tenderly and miss so much!
I was there when your mommy found out you were coming, and still long to hold you and laugh with you. One day, sweet beauty, one day. Sweetest kisses and love my little Coco.
Dedicated to my Uncle Kevin, Aunt Billie, Lexi, Lidia, and lil mousey Kevin -
I love you dearly!

Angelica Rose Lombardo
January 10th, 2006

Sweet baby of ivory and green
Hazel locks of curls and eyes of the sea
So far away, yet so near
Tears of sorrow with tears of love
Our sleeping baby of joy

Tell us; tell us all the beauty you see
The melodies you hear
And the aroma that fills the air
Whisper the words in the wind
Fill us with smiles again
Ask Him to let the sunshine play
Sweet beauty please visit us today


Weep for me no more
Coco’s with you forever more
So many were miles away
Please understand
I can be with you all today

There’s no pain here
Oh, nothing to hurt me
His sweet kisses have awakened me
And I can sing once more

There’s streets of gold and rubies
With an angel choir
That sounds so lovely
The very best you’ve ever heard

He gave me a halo of flowers
The most divine
That smells so pretty
All the time

And there are too many steps to count
Big ones and little ones
As far as the eye can see
Me and Jesus already reached infinity

There’s kisses and hugs everyday
And miles of dirt fields for me to play
I have tubs of every color
Oh, how I wish you could see
The sand castles we’ve made
Jesus and me

Mommy, Daddy he did it
Just for me
He let me help him make the snow
That reminded you so much of me
And he even let me write my name on each one
Each shape he fashioned with his own hand
Directing each one where they should land

My sweetest sisters
There are so many trees
With birds and animals
As far as you can see
Jesus tells the most wonderful stories
And tucks me tenderly in
Singing a melody only Heaven has heard and only Heaven can make
He said we can color the sunset when you come
And even sing with the sun

My best friend, my brother, my twin
Oh, how I miss you and long to be together again
From the beginning we did it together
We laughed; we played and had so much fun
There’s bubble baths and candy
Hide-n-seek valleys and yes, even a Christmas tree for you to climb
I gave you my all, make me proud my love

Oh, my time was short
I know it seems
But if you only knew what lies ahead
Those of you who shared my laughs, my kisses, my love
And even those who hadn’t
Look for them always
In the sunshine, the wind, the rain and the snow

Jesus holds me and loves us all
He is perfect and merciful still
I’ve seen Papa, Auntie Carm, and even lil John
All those who have gone on before
They send their love and kisses
Oh, wait till you see what they have in store

The day is coming soon when we all shall gather at his throne
And worship at His precious feet
And rest sweetly on his crystal shore

Be ready Mommy
Hear His call Daddy
Grandma, aunties, uncles, and cousins I love
Listen closely He’s calling you home

Thank you, Thank you for teaching me to love the “Sun”!
I love you more than words can say
Thank you for letting me fly today

Forever and Always - Your Sonna Bella,

Sleeping Baby of Beauty