Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well...Hello World... Im Back!

Well... I am sitting here at my desk at work sipping a tall glass of ice cold sweetened tea thinking about all the important stuff I could be/should be doing, and how long it has been since I visited my own blog site. Pathetic... I know! My time over the last few weeks have been a collaboration of tears, laughter, and adventure. No Limits came upon me and just about crumbled me, friends coming in from all over the world(HI Canada) and work escalations piled up, I have simply been under a pile of mess, called stress since March 1!! Its just the benefits of being young, I hope! Sincerely, No Limits was awesome, one of the most awe striking conferences I have ever attended. Lives were changed, minds renewed, and Churches revived. It was a time of renewal for pastors and saints alike. The 11th marked a day in history, a day of Dedication, the day we offered our hard work, our time, our sleepless nights and weary minds, to God. The New Rock Church Sanctuary was Dedicated to God in the presence of over 1200 saints and Homecoming pastors. What an experience!

Sadness and loneliness can overwhelm a person, especially when they have been deprived adequate sleep for over 3 weeks. But tears of pain soon turned to tears of joy when I received the phone call on Wednesday the 14th! "You have a plane ticket to Canada the 16th at 5:10pm, be there, hope you have a passport and can get off work!" WOO HOO Passport? Major stress test...Passed! San Francisco never was lovelier, even after spending all day in the passport office! I had the time of my life, I was able to relax, have such a good time and create memories, which includes surprising Angie in the middle of the night, that will last a lifetime.

My weeks have been stretched beyond compare, yet they run together in a distant blur...As reality begins to settle I now reflect on my priorities and realize, IM BEHIND! =) Time goes on and once again I am in the groove of the music of life, almost on beat, give me a few more days!

I have so much to include in this post, but both time and your attention permit me to continue on my random creation of words. I will once again be updating my blog with many new and mind evaluating quotes, stories and inspirations within the upcoming months. Hope you are doing well, God Bless and don't forget to offer a Smile!
Sincerely Yours,

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Welcome Home Hero!

Local captain faces bittersweet homecoming

Some waited patiently, others could not sit still while waiting for five soldiers to arrive at the Colorado Springs airport. As the uniforms came into view, the emotions rushed out.
But it was a bittersweet homecoming for Air Force Captain Kevin Lombardo. After spending eight months in Iraq, he arrived to see the faces he loves, all except one. His two-year-old daughter Chloe died a year ago, after she and her brother swallowed prescription pills they found in the medicine cabinet.
"It's been very difficult, but thankfully I have my wonderful family here," Lombardo's wife, Billie, said. "I couldn't ask for better friends, they helped me get through this."
Lombardo came home after his daughter died, but just a few months later he was back in the middle east. He says "It's absolutely fabulous after seven or eight months being gone, just to be home with friends and family. Absolutely incredible being home," he said.
While she couldn't be there to welcome her daddy, Chloe was close to the hearts of everyone there. The Lombardo family said they hope others will remember Chloe, and what brought the ending to her short life.

Welcome home Uncle Kev!! I love you! You are my Hero!!

Are you Ready for REVIVAL...

The most incredible conference on the west coast is only 2 days away! Are you ready for Revival, Truth, Revelation, Refreshing and the most unbelieveable Experience in a lifetime? No Limits the conference is the a highly motivating gathering for leaders and saints alike to glean from World Class Leaders in our Apostolic movement. Come join us March 7th-9th and then again on the 11th for the dedication of The Rock Church newest and Elk Grove's largest Sanctuary. You will be empowered from the teachings of Bro Sam Emery, Revivalist Cody Marks, Dr Nathaniel Wilson, Psalmist C. Myles Young, and many many more! Come expecting the unexpectable, for there are NO Limits in God!

*Please visit http://therockchurch.org for more exciting and informative information!

Hope to see YOU there!
Sincerely Yours,