Monday, December 18, 2006

Time in the life of an Angel...

Wow things have been so busy lately! Time has been swept away as if it were a grain of sand on a distant beach...2006 was a year of change for me, I simply will never be the same after such an impacting year such as this. I learned how to grieve, give, love and laugh even in the midst of troubled times. Last year (2005)I lost two very close family friends, my great grandfather and then on Dec 1st, I lost a childhood friend and four days after Christmas lost my baby cousin Chloe. To add it all up my Uncle Kevin, her father, was serving in Iraq. I was certain this next year was going to be a horrible one considering the struggles that had already begun. But God was gracious. Despite the set backs, this year has birthed a new understanding and appreciation for the beautiful things that surround my being each and everyday.
I started an incredible job at HealthNet as a multi product rep. It is a challenging job but something I definitely have the opportunity to advance in very quickly.
My drama experiences have been simply inspirational, I have written a total of 5 new sketches and dramatic interpretations this year and am in the midst of creating a book for others to purchase and perform.
"Let's practice that pretty smile" has become a known phrase with me lately. I am thrilled to announce my newest project, photography. And with the holidays, WOW it has been so busy!
Jennifer Butts, a Godly woman and mentor of mine gave birth to four premature babies in March of this year and unfortunately three were taken home to be with Jesus, but the one remaining has been a fighter! Carisse Lynn has become so dear to my heart, and from the first moment I laid eyes on her at two pounds in the NICU I fell in love and claimed that little one. She is doing so wonderful, God has brought her through the test of time and she has survived with His love and grace! =) I can not wait to see her again! Please continue to pray for her!*pictured to the left
Well I did it!! I passed my Psychology class with a beautiful A!! I was extatic when I received my transcript! I had an incredible professor as well as some outstanding peers to help me out! Rogers, Freud, Ellis, Adler, and so many others as well as their therapies will forever be embedded into my memory! =)
Well, God has been so good to me this year! Sunday December 31st we will be moving into our New Sanctuary! The devil has fought hard, but God stands in VICTORY! I am so excited and could not think of a better way to end this year! I could go on and on sharing with you all the exciting things of 2006, but this post has already exceeded its limit! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I am praying that God blesses you in this New Year above and beyond all that you could ever ask or think! I love you all and am praying daily for the incredible people He has placed in my life!