Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Well, I have alot to fill in from my last post till now, but I'll only go over the demanding details ;)!

I flew out of Calgary on Monday, Dec 22nd and arrived in Springfield, Missouri late that evening. Wednesday afternoon everyone, which included Joey's parents-Alvy and Norah, Joey's brother and sister in law-Ben and Lauren and their two children-Sariya and lil Josh, and Joey's sister- Sarah, went to Jordan Valley Ice Park to ice skate. We skated around a few times and then Joey got off the ice. I waited for him but he continued to stand and talk with his dad, so I miss impatient just turned around and decided to continue skating without him.
Moments later he was behind me.

Joey: "I'm so sorry everyone is so stressed."
Me: "Its okay."

Joey: "My parents are really stressed, I'm sorry."

Me: "Joey, its okay, I understand, It's Christmas, don't worry."

Joey: "Well they are stressed for a good reason."

Me: Sarcasticly "Oh really and why is that?"

Joey: Grabbed my arm and spun me around " Cause I wanna ask you to marry me!"
Me: "WHAT???!!!???!!!"
Joey: Hands me the below locket

Me: "Oh my word, are you serious Jo?!"

Joey: with tears forming in his eyes, flips the locket over "Will you Marry Me?!"

I began to cry and then laughed and then just hugged him and cried/laughed some more.

Joey: "Well.........."

Me: "Yes, Yes!"

Everyone was watching from the side, so when we skated over the family said, "Welcome to the family Angel!" And I just cried! =)

Front of locket

Back of Locket

Inside of Locket-I opened it on the ice and the picture dropped

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Signing in from beautiful Canada!!

Yesterday I flew into Calgary, Alberta and was welcomed with -22 degrees C and a warm hug from my butterfly Angie! I was rushed over to Merrily's house by Momma Holmes where we surprised Courtney completely!!!! After moments of her just standing there with her hand rubbing her cheek, she finally wrapped me in a HUGE hug and just sobbed and sobbed....It was the most incredible experience and I am so thankful for "family" that has helped to make this moment possible! Ang, Court and I talked Johnny into letting us use his truck=) and we spent the evening freezing at the Festival of Lights walk-crazy person who suggested that one lol...then we headed over to the Chocolate Bar for hot coco and ice cream! lol Ice cream in - 20 weather which is like -1 degree F for you American folks! Crazy as we are!
It was an awesome day and I am having a great time!!!

PS. I MISS YOU JOEY!!! and Jackson!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Purple Iris

I got this the other day and thought instead of forwarding the message....I'll post it!
There comes a point in your life when you realize:
Who matters,
Who never did,
Who won't anymore...
And who always will.
So, don't worry about people from your past,there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.
Give these flowers to everyone you don't want to lose in 2009, including me, if that's what is in your heart.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Thanksgiving Story

This year at Thanksgiving, my sisters and I went to our mothers house for the traditional feast. Knowing how gullible my sister is, my mom decided to play a trick. She told my sister that she needed something from the store. When my sister left, my mom took the turkey out of the oven, removed the stuffing, stuffed a Cornish hen, and inserted it into the turkey, and re-stuffed the turkey. She then placed the bird(s) back in the oven. When it was time for dinner, my sister pulled the turkey out of the oven and proceeded to remove the stuffing. When her serving spoon hit something, she reached in and pulled out the little bird. With a look of total shock on her face, my mother exclaimed, "Tamsen, you've cooked a pregnant bird!" At the reality of this horrifying news, my sister started to cry. It took the family two hours to convince her that turkeys lay eggs!

lol Though this story is not completely true, it is so funny! Sorry Tammi I had to pick on you-cause you're the cutest blonde ever!!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

My New Baby!

Jackson is a 3 year old 1/2 Toy Chihuahua and 1/2 Chihuahua and weighs in at just 4 pounds!
I love him to pieces! I was surprised with him on Friday afternoon in honor of my last day of school! =) Yeah!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Disco Christmas

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Old Fashion Christmas

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A family Howedown

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're at it again...

Ayla, Tamsen, Joey and I are heading up to Keno/Klamath Falls, Oregon for the holidays. This will by my first Thanksgiving spent with my mother in 10 years!!! Crazy! I'm looking forward to the snow and the time we'll spend together but I'm not looking forward to the drive.....=) mark that down as yet another road trip for the Lombardo's! he he Please keep us in your prayers as we travel, the roads are slick and there are crazy drivers out at this time of year! Have a wonderful Gobble Gobble day and remember to be Thankful for HIS Many Many Blessings!
Things I am truly thankful for this year:
  • The Faithfulnes of my God
  • The love of my family
  • The support of my church and ministry
  • New friends
  • Joseph Ladd ;)
  • Breathe
  • Life
  • School ending in 5 days!!!!!
  • A roof over my head
  • Food to eat
  • A car to drive
  • Wise parents
  • A job
  • okay so I could go on and on.....
  • Thank you Jesus for my health and the health of my family. Continue to keep us in your ever loving arms. Guide us direct us in the path you have chosen us to follow! I love you with all my heart! Thank you for being my protector, my shelter, my peace, my comfort, my very very best friend!

Friday, November 21, 2008

An evening at the water store....

NOTHING tastes as good as Water From the ROCK.....

Step #1. Fill all empty bottles with crisp clean Water From the Rock.

Step #2. Screw the beautifully colored caps with seal.

Step #3. Place bottles in cold fridge and step back and admire your work! =)

There you have it...my evening at work =) Lovely isn't it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What a friend we have in Jesus....

and in Ashley.....

and in Joey....silly me.....

oh WOW....what a Night! lol

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Friday Night Fun

I thought I was supposed to be attending our church Plan Night, but ended up babysitting my brothers instead, soooooo that meant Fun Fun Fun! Last night the downtown Ice Skating rink opened!!!!! Yee Haw!!

We had an absolute BLAST!!!!!!! I didn't get any pictures though :( sniff sniff....We packed out our "bus" of a van and headed downtown around 7pm. You should have seen the staff when all 16 of us came scamblin in through the gate with the hugest grins on our faces! :) Alot of the staff remembered us from last year so we got to chitty chat with all the head people :) I'll def be getting some pictures within the next few months,
so if you don't hear from me for the next few weeks don't stress I'm probably out enjoying my favorite sport,
Ice Skating!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm Late, I'm late....

Okay so its been a whirl wind around here....block finals, a live recording, life, Disney on Ice, church, iceskating, rain and a holiday! whew I'm just about worn out....NOT! Actually these past few weeks have been extremely busy but fun! At this moment, this day, this very hour I have 18 more days left of school! =) I can not believe it....6 months has flown by so quickly!

Well I've done some home work over the past couple of days....checking up on everyones blog and I've seen many many pictures and have truly enjoyed the laughs. It looks as if everyones Halloween was a blast! Well I had a great time as well! Just about everyone at school participated and what imaginations I tell you....We had a pumkin carving contest, a scream contest, and a costume contest. I of course, the big mouth that I am(sometimes) won a $25 giftcertificate as the #1 screamer in the school! LOL it was great...and to make it even more interesting no one expected it to come from cute me....I didn't win the costume contest....no one seemed to know who Pippy Longstocking was, except my principle who deemed me her absolute favorite lol....
Joey brought me lunch and then stuck around for me to do a few procedures on, *patterns, cutting lenses, Keratometer* after school I worked and it was the LONGEST 3 hours of my life. It Rained and Rained and Rained, so it was really slow at the shop. By the time I got off I was not in the mood for any parties =( So I just let my hair down and relaxed =) I worked all day Saturday, which was slow cause it....Rained again =) Joey, Cody, Ashley and Bubbles came over and we played a little RISK which was an absolute BLAST! The boys didn't think us girls would enjoyed it and so they were a little hesitant at letting us join but little did they know that 3 hours later we would eliminate them from the board! HA HA HA well not Joey but Cody we did! Great game guys!

Well, there you have it life in 2 paragraphs...yesterday was election day and though I am very disappointed at who our country has voted into office I am not disappointed in the one who has given me today. When I trust in the Lord and lean not on my own understanding, but look to HIM who is the my hope, my refuge, my protection, my strength, and my future. I have a peace that all things are in His precious hand. I need not fear of tomorrow, the terror by night, nor the destruction that wasteth at noonday. For in Psalm 91 it states There shall NO evil befall thee, and he will keep me in all my comings and goings. Because HE has set His LOVE upon me, and He will deliver me. In knowing this how can I NOT trust Him with everything?

When the future of my country is uncertain, I am certain of this

HE IS COMING SOON! And oh what a day, what a Beautiful day that will be!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

16 Years and Still in LOVE

I just wanted to say...
Happy Anniversary
to the most incredible parents in the world!
I love you two Love Birds!

Life in the Fast lane

Have you ever felt like you were going 100 MPH with no way of slowing down? You look in the distance and its just as busy and crazy as the present! Its October 17th already! Where did the beautiful months of spring go? It seems like yesterday I was skating on a frozen Canadian lake and ringing in the new year...I can't say that this last year hasn't been eventful and exciting, but it all came so quickly! I began my schooling June 2nd of this year, and 24 weeks seemed like an eternity away, but as I sit here today, having completed my 3rd 6-week final, I can truly say it hasn't been but a moment. I am so thrilled to see all that I have learned in the last 5 months. I've climbed many mountains, and crossed many streams, I've found a new depth in Jesus and I wouldn't give up anything to change it all.
But with the rush, rush, study, study, practice, practice, I've finally collapsed-I can't go and do all that I used to do...and though I've tried, I've found myself ill the next day unable to keep up with school and work. So I will publically appologize to all I haven't emailed back, C & C events I've failed to attend and youth services I've missed out on....I've taken the advice of my elders and stayed involved as best as I could, but I needed to focus on this season of life and stay afloat.
I've come to love my evenings of doing just about nothing =) at least once a week at my parents, my house, or at a friends, I just snuggle into a chair and enjoy the hug of a blanket. I miss doing something on every night of the week, it makes me feel young, but since I've stepped down from a few things I've excelled academically. I'm top of my class and can't help but brag just a little. My whole being feels restored and I can't WAIT to get back into sunday school, bus ministry and College and Career! 6 more weeks, a HUGE State ABO testing and then....Graduation! yeah!!!(though the ceremony isn't until June, my certificate will be in hand ;-)
*For those that made it this far and are still reading, Lord Bless you =) Please say a prayer for me. I take my State ABO testing on November 16th,which is with the American Board of Opticianry. I decided to skip my NCLE (National Contact Lens Examiners) until next year, I only need one stressful test a year lol! I appreciate you all and pray God Blesses you richly!
sincerely yours,
arose 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

W.O.R.D. Conference

Woman Of Radical Devotion! I will not waste my words on fiddle stick comments....this Ladies Retreat has CHANGED my view of God, my Prayer life, and my self respect forever. I am a WOMAN OF GOD and I am LOVED beyond words....The place I laid prostrate on my face in the carpet, with tears uncontrollably running down my face, was the moment in time that will FOREVER be imprinted into my present and my future. This weekend was my altar, laying behind the past and resisting to rely on my own understandings, and learning to TRUST 100% in MY GOD!!! We pleaded the Blood of Jesus upon our families, our homes, our futures, our finances, our lost loved ones, etc, and there is NOTHING that the devil can do, no watered down worldly confusion can wash away that anointing!
The Holy Ghost was AMAZING and you DO NOT want to miss next year,
OCTOBER 9-10th 2009!

Monday, October 06, 2008


Saturday evening our drama team had the privilege to minister in Rancho Cordova @ Rock Tabernacle with Pastor Deathridge.

Friday, October 03, 2008

This is weird, but interesting!

fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too
cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. Thephaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it doesn't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht t h e frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some pics...

In Oceancove....our camping trip over the Labor Day weekend

Jo and I entering the cave

The ocean was beautiful.....we walked out across that to the tip

The wind was crazy strong...but we had a great hike

More of our view

We hiked down here...this was right by the cave

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The 10 Commandments

Some people have trouble with all those 'shall's' and 'shall not's' in the Ten commandments. Folks just aren't used to talking in those terms.. So, in middle Tennessee they translated the 'King James' into 'Jackson County' language..... no joke, (posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Gainesboro, TN)

(1) Just one God
(2) Put nothin' before God
(3) Watch yer mouth
(4) Git yourself to Sunday meetin'
(5) Honor yer Ma & Pa
(6) No killin'
(7) No foolin' around with another fellow's gal
(8) Don't take what ain't yers
(9) No tellin' tales or gossipin'
(10) Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's stuff

Now that's plain an' simple. Y'all have a nice day.

GUESS WHAT!!!!?????

Joey's home!!! =) Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister Ayla, my bud Nichole and I drove to San Fran...well, okay so I slept in the back seat...their flight landed around 7:29pm and it took them forever to make it through customs and claim their baggage. But they made it back safely! Maria and Joey were half starved for American food, toilets, soap and a shower! We stopped by the warf on the way home and we enjoyed some bread bowls filled with HOT clam chowder! Yum yum...Maria and Joey both scarfed down a Ceasar salad...one of the simplistic foods we take for granted, lettuce! Well as you can see I am soooo excited to have them home. I've heard crazy stories about hand shakes =) we'll leave that one there, boat rides, the singing, the preaching, and more about the incredible services and sights around Bohol and Manilla. God is good and I can't wait for Youth on Missions to Bohol!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Philippine Pics

MARIA's Blog and BEN's Blog

LIFE-Cali and the Philippines

WOW WOW WOW! Okay, so the last few weeks have been so busy. Saturday, August 30th, Joey, Sarah, my Mom, Ayla, and I packed up my parents van and headed out to yonder winding death-cliff mountain actually known as Ocean Cove, near Ft Bragg, to meet my family and a whole gang of folks from the church. After a 4 hour scenic route, through the city of San Fran, passed acreas of farm land, twisting mountain roads, and cows at every mile marker, we finally arrived at the camp site. Oh what a weekend =) It was nothing short of cold...no wait I take that back FREEZING, but beautiful. We camped on the side of cliff with an incredible view of the ocean. We hiked down to the water and carved our name in the caves below and risked our lovely lives to have a BLAST. The evenings were a bit frigid, 3 sweaters, leggings, 2 pairs of socks, a heavy jean skirt, a blanket and a blazing fire, the chill was bearable =) I'm a loser when it comes to the cold so I was the imbomable snow monster walking around, it wouldn't have been half as bad had it not been for the wind. Poor Joey stayed in a tent =( while I slept warmly on the couch of our motor home. Rough camper! ha...Joey, Ayla and I found ourselves in an open meadow the first night and among those rocks and trees, the stars were INCREDIBLE! I took a great flying leap over some rocks and bruised myself really good and hurt my wrist! =)
Well, after 3 days of fun we headed home. Sadly only to find out that my beloved grandmother had had a massive heart attack, and within 10 min of them getting ahold of us she passed away. =( We raced home and bought a ticket for my daddy and within 45 min he was on a plane headed to Ohio. We left Thursday morning at like 5am! Joey was a great support. He stayed with us most of Monday evening, and then headed out to work early on Tuesday, but NOT before stopping by to wake me up and deliver some flowers. He came home Tuesday and decided to stay home from work and help us get ready for our trip. He was a great help to my mama at the shop and he along with his mother, sister Sarah, and mom's friend Tiffaney took us to the airport.

Thursday evening we arrived just in time for the viewing. There was another on Friday, and the funeral was Saturday morning. It was so hard! All the family was there, but it just wasn't the same without Grandma Sarah. Well you can only have so much fun before its time to come home. And oh was I ready. I missed my church and my lovely bed! We were late arriving to the airport on Tuesday and MISSED OUT FLIGHT! What a joy! ha ha sarcastically....well it turned out okay...All 8 of us stayed in a hotel room, I didn't get any sleep, but we did make some great memories! =) We departed Akron, Ohio at like 5 something am, and landed after a almost 5 hour flight in beautiful Sacramento. So life begins again on Thursday, Dad flies out at 5am for a business trip, and we the children head back to school. The only thing missing is...Joey =( I got to sleep with Grandma's blanket the night before the funeral. The next morning it was placed in the casket with her. =(

He flew out Monday evening with a whole group of people including Pastor and Sister Young, Pastor and Sister King, both of them, and an few others from our church to the Philippines! So we've not talked since Monday....oh what a tearful time of moarning I am in....its life and I'm proud of him. I've recieved 2 brief, yet wonderful emails from him and everyone is having a great time. No one is sick, so the mercy of God is with them. The crusade and recording are going well, and God is moving-and YEAH he'll be back Monday evening! Can't wait to see everyone!....So back in Cali, here I sit at work....Missing Joey sob sob...lol Yes, I am at work and missing Jo, but enjoying the lovely life I live and for the breathe I can take through this stuffed up nose due to allergies, I have a smile on my face and I can truly say GOD HAS BEEN SO GOOD TO ME! Now there you have it....my life in a long, but detailed post! For those that have made it to this point God bless you! =) XOXO

Sincerely yours,
a.rose 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


More pics