Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life, Love, and laughter

Yesterday was my last and final day of Optical School!!!!! I took my final and passed first try!!! Yee Haw! Joey had been in training for the last week and had taken his final and got off early and was already at home and showered when I got there. My teacher had let me leave early, which was nice since they were just watching a movie, and we decided to do something fun and out of the norm. We have been so wrapped up on trying to act like adults and get things done like responsible people, and its been work, work and no play for awhile and it was showing!! We have been up tight and boring to put it simply....Jo had me close my eyes and let him drive, which was so nice....we pulled up to Miwalk Park and I guessed first try =) We had such a blast!! We swung on the swings, ran through the tunnels and slide down ropes, did a few monkey bars which proved more than we wanted to know, and got great shock on the slides we actually fit down! Then after all the excitement we went for a beautiful walk by a small stream and just enjoyed each others company and the excellent weather! It was so nice to just walk and talk with my best friend and make yet another wonderful memory!


Janell said...

That's so cool, Angel! Congrats on passing the exam!! It sounds funny, but being engaged is sometimes hectic and stressful, isn't it? (All the planning! agh!) Taking time out to relax is the perfect antidote. =)

MissionsAngel said...

we had such a blast...and it has helped so much...I think that is out little spot, besides Red Berry yogurt shop! =) the park is a lot less fattening lol and cheaper!

Amy St. Pierre said...

Hellloooo Angel??? Did you forget we need to be kept up to date on your awesome life??? I know wedding is this month, but??? Miss ya!