Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GUESS WHAT!!!!?????

Joey's home!!! =) Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister Ayla, my bud Nichole and I drove to San Fran...well, okay so I slept in the back seat...their flight landed around 7:29pm and it took them forever to make it through customs and claim their baggage. But they made it back safely! Maria and Joey were half starved for American food, toilets, soap and a shower! We stopped by the warf on the way home and we enjoyed some bread bowls filled with HOT clam chowder! Yum yum...Maria and Joey both scarfed down a Ceasar of the simplistic foods we take for granted, lettuce! Well as you can see I am soooo excited to have them home. I've heard crazy stories about hand shakes =) we'll leave that one there, boat rides, the singing, the preaching, and more about the incredible services and sights around Bohol and Manilla. God is good and I can't wait for Youth on Missions to Bohol!